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If you would like some help in researching your WOOLGAR ancestry, please send me an E-mail . Please send me the WOOLGAR details that you have collected so far and I will see what extra information can be added to them from my database. If you have any Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates and are able to scan them, it would be very helpful if you can attach them to your E-mail as *.jpg files as the data that they contain can be a very useful aid to identification. I do not always enjoy good health, so please allow 2 weeks for me to send a reply. If you do not hear from me within 2 weeks, please contact me again.

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Other Woolgar Researchers

If you would like to contribute to the list below, please send me an E-mail containing your name and research details.

Nancy Arnott

Hello! My name is Nancy Arnott and I live near Detroit, Michigan in the USA.  My great-great-grandfather was John WOOLGAR who emigrated to Ontario, Canada from Surrey, England sometime in the mid 1830s.  Names connected with our branch of the WOOLGAR's are: KELLY, BOGGS, and DUNN.  If any of these sound familiar to you I can be contacted at:

Frank Beattie
Hi, I'm Frank Beattie from Conondale Qld, I thought I'd share with the WOOLGAR/ERs my little line. My GGfather was James William WOOLGAR, (son of James William WOOLGAR) born 1869 whereabouts? died 12 Nov 1919, buried in Nunhead Cemetery UK. Married Ada COCKBURN. William was deputy mine manager of the Sugarloaf Colliery in Sugarloaf Siding near Oakey Qld. He was my mother's father. Frank Beattie at
Jan Bower
My name is Jan Bower and I live in Doncaster UK.  I am a direct descendant of Emma WOOLGAR born 1841 Byfleet Surrey who married Mark Anthony BROWNE a carpenter of Albury Surrey in 1862.  Emma is my Gt gt grandmother.  Her parents Daniel and Sarah were both WOOLGAR’s from the Ockham area of Surrey.  Hence I have 2 sets of WOOLGAR Gt gt gt gt grandparents.  Richard and Ann being Daniel's parents and Richard and Mary BULLEN being Sarah's parents.  Other names I am currently researching include BROWNE, DENYER, GLANVILLE, MADGWICK, PARSONAGE and UPSTON.  Any information is welcomed - please contact me at
Chris Brown & Sandra Shelley
Hi there from Chris Brown and Sandra Shelley, sisters from Eastbourne in East Sussex. We are researching the WOOLGAR's of Seaford, our 3x great-grandmother being Caroline WOOLGAR. She was born in 1826, the daughter of Philip WOOLGAR and Caroline [nee Champion]. Other names that are connected to this family are: Burton, Wood [Willingdon], Allwork, Wood [Seaford] and Finch. We can be contacted at .
Bob Cunning
Hello, I'm Bob Cunning from Melbourne in Australia. My connection to the Seaford Woolgar line is from Phillip WOOLGAR and Caroline CHAMPION. Their youngest daughter Charlotte, born 3/9/1837 married my GGrandfather Thomas RYTON-BENSON 6/4/1860. I would love to hear from others, please mail me at .   Cheers for now Bob.
Janet Few
Like many others I am descended from the Henfield Woolgar's My 4 x great grandparents were John WOOLGAR and his second wife Elizabeth WALDER who married in Henfield in 1772. I descend via their son Isaac who was a tanner. I'd love to know if Tanner's Cottage in Henfield was his. Isaac's son Philip was a milkman and went to live in Greater London. Philip had two brothers, William (baptised 1813) and Stephen (baptised 1815).  Janet Few, Isle of Wight
Julie Goucher
Hi, I'm Julie Goucher. I live in Devon England, but hail from Surrey originally. I am descended from the marriage of Sarah WOOLGAR and James Butcher in 1801 in Wonersh, Surrey. Other names connected to my WOOLGAR branch are: GRAVATT and BUTCHER. If these names connect to your branch of the family I can be contacted at . I also have a web
site at URL
Sue Greatbanks

Hi, I'm Sue Greatbanks, I live in New Zealand and I am descended from William & Mary WOOLGAR, (? - 1649) their son Samuel, his son William, his son John, his son Josias, then his daughter Ann (who married John HIDER in
1814) all of the WOOLGARs above were residents of Henfield. Other names associated with my WOOLGARs are: HILL, BATTMAN and TOATH, plus many women
with "no" surname! I can be reached at .

Allan & Dorothy Martin
Hi, we are Allan and Dorothy Martin from Sussex, England.  We are researching all our family lines (too many to mention here), which includes the HENFIELD WOOLGARS.  Dorothy's grandmother was Dorothy Kate WOLGAR whose father Tom was born at Tatlers, West End Lane, Henfield in 1883.  The family traces back to John WOOLGAR and his wife Joanne in the early 1500's. We are building our family history web site as time permits, at  and we can be contacted at . Due to family commitments please accept our apologies if a response is not sent immediately.
Pauline Mowbray
I'm Pauline Mowbray I have three different WOOLGAR connections
in my family tree.
1   William WINTER, (my first cousin 4 times removed) married Elizabeth WOOLGAR 10 Feb 1849 St Nicholas, Brighton. Her parents were Philip WOOLGAR & Caroline CHAMPION. William & Elizabeth WINTER had 14 children that I know of. 
2      Charlotte GREEN (my second cousin 4 times removed) married John Gosden WOOLGAR 8 Feb 1847 Seaford, Sussex. They had one child that I know of, Charlotte born 1847 Seaford, Sussex. She married a William DOE 1879. 
3       Elizabeth WINTER (My 3rd Great Aunt) married James WOOLGAR 1808 Seaford, Sussex. I do not have any more information on him.
You will see that there is a connection with each other. The other names I am researching in my direct line are BANKS, EARL, GREEN, JORDAN, WHEELER, WINTER, WILSON, WOOD all from the Seaford & surrounding areas. Please contact Pauline Mowbray
Mike Ransom
As part of my research into the Ransom family of East Sussex, I am looking for descendants of James WOOLGAR (baptised 14 June 1818 in Seaford) and Jane RANSOM (baptised 11 Oct 1818 in Catsfield).  If you are descended from this couple, I would be delighted to share family history information with you. Please contact me at
Janice Simmonds
Hi, I'm Janice Simmonds in Brighton.My great grandmother was Jane Winter, one of the 15 children of William Winter & Eliza Woolgar of Seaford. She married Edward TUCKNOTT and was for many years a midwife at Seaford. You can contact me at
Michael Sprackling
Hi, I'm Michael Sprackling. I live on the Wirral in England. My great grandmother was Kate WOOLGAR (1860-1936), daur of Frederick (1824-1881), blacksmith of Alfriston. His blacksmith father Henry (1787-1858) and ancestors came from Seaford and the neighbouring parishes. Starting with Kate and then following back the male WOOLGAR line, their spouses were JONES, BREACH, WOOLGAR* (1) WOOD [& (2) SMART], ALLWORK, WOOD, FINCH. *They were 1st cousins and her mother was a SOLOMON. The male line is then rejoined.
Rachel Taylor
My name is Rachel Taylor and I am another descendant of the Henfield Woolgar's  William WOOLGAR and Anne LITCHFIELD, their son Robert married Esther MOBSBY.  They had 8 children one of whom was Albert Robert Edward WOOLGAR my great grandfather.  He married Annie Lucinda MILLS and they had five children the youngest being my grandfather Dudley Robert Edward WOOLGAR. I would love to hear from anyone who is linked to this line or who thinks they may be able to help fill in the gaps. [Sorry, broken Link under investigation]  
Barbara Vellturo
Hello Everyone, My name is Barbara Vellturo,  I live in Vermont, USA, and my connection with the WOOLGAR's comes through my Shoosmith line from East Sussex.  Elizabeth Shoosmith MORRIS (born Laughton May 16, 1816 ) married Richard WOOLGAR (1809-1865), the son of Josias WOOLGAR of Henfield and Barbara MARSHALL. The 8 children of Richard and Elizabeth WOOLGAR were born in Steyning, Sussex between 1840 and 1855, but by the time of the 1881 census they were living in Sussex, Essex, London, Stafford and possibly York!  So your WOOLGAR's anywhere may connect! The daughters of Richard and Elizabeth married into the families of MOTE, JEPSON and BELCHER and the sons married into the OLDREY and GARNER families. I would be happy to hear from anyone with an interest in this line.
Lynne Vickson
Hi, everyone. I am Lynne Vickson of Victoria, BC, Canada. My only Woolgar is Mary Ann WOOLGAR, born Dec 1856, the fifth child of Henry WOOLGAR and Frances KENSETT of Henfield.  Mary Ann WOOLGAR married Henry BLABER in Bramber in 1877. The family lived in Steyning. Mary Ann died in childbirth in January, 1886, leaving her husband and 5 young children. I am descended
from her third child, Bessie Mary BLABER, born Steyning 1881. There are 10 cousins and some second cousins here in Canada that are descended from Mary Ann WOOLGAR.
Thanks to Marion for supplying so much information to help my with my search. My email address is
Mandy Willard
Mandy Willard of Bexhill, Sussex.  I descend from the Henfield clan. My 3x Great Grandmother was Ruth WOOLGAR (1821-1858) and she married William STILLAWAY (1814/5-1887) in 1843.  Ruth was the daughter of William WOOLGAR (1780-1874) and Naomi LELLIOTT (1784-1833).  Details about my WOOLGAR ancestry can be found here . Contact:
Ken Woolgar

Hi:    I'm Ken Woolgar and I live in Norval, Ontario, Canada which is about 30 miles North-West of Toronto. My Grandfather was Edwin Woolgar (1857 to 1932) and my Grandmother was Ann Dowsett (1858 to 1896) and they had 8 children: Elizabeth,  Edwin,  Mark/Farley (who came to Canada)  Annie, James,  Arthur (My Dad who came to Canada)  William/Curtis (who also came to Canada) and  Frederick. In 1891 they lived on Bensham Lane, Croydon, Surrey. After Grandmother died in 1896 Grandfather remarried on December 25, 1897 to Florence Dale and they had 8 children: Herbert Edwin,  Ester Louise, Lily May, Florence Ivy Lane,  Alfred Edward,  Morrice Harold,  Joseph Richard,  Ester Louise Purvis, Jack and  Victor Charles. From what I can remember my Dad saying was that Uncle Bert worked at the Gas Works and Uncle Ed was a butcher. If any of this sounds familiar please contact me at . I would love to know more about my Dad's family as he passed away in 1946. If anyone has any information on the above WOOLGAR family it would be greatly appreciated.    Ken

Marion Woolgar
In addition to my WOOLGAR One-Name Study, I am also researching AULT of Ipswich; GREVATT of Sussex; HIGGS of Bristol; and WAKELING of Plymouth, Devon & Southwark, Surrey. E-mail
Ron Woolgar
Hi:  My name is Ron Woolgar from Victoria, BC Canada.  I have now located the descendents of the four Canadian born sons of Great Grandfather John Woolgar (1815 ? -1878).  We are now trying to tie John Woolgar into a family in England and remain hopeful of finding the missing link.
"English Immigrant Voices" by Wendy Cameron offers the Petworth Project 1832-1837 as a possibility, as there was a single 'Woolgar' passenger entry on the England that sailed from Portsmouth to Upper Canada in 1833, but too vague to be certain. John Woolgar would have been 16/17 years of age at the time and believed traveling with his Mother and possibly a sister, his Father having died before this journey to Canada. The names of Father, Mother and sister are not known.
I would like to thank all those who helped us get this far in our research and any further assistance would be appreciated. Ron and Gaylene Woolgar   
Ian Woolger
Hi, everybody. My name is Ian WOOLGER, from Budleigh Salterton in Devon UK. My family hails from Worplesdon in Surrey, near Guildford. My parents also live in Devon, at Lymptone, near Exmouth. Thanks to Marion, I have received a copy of my branch of the WOOLGER clan, but would welcome contact from any Surrey WOOLGER's who may be linked to my family. Also the name ENEVER (my Gran's maiden name)  and the name DENYER (my mum's mother's maiden name) also the name PRITCHARD (mum's maiden name) Please feel free to contact me at I also have a web site at URL


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