Albert WOOLGAR & Hannah LEEDER

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This lovely family portrait shows Albert WOOLGAR & Hannah LEEDER with their seven children - from left to right, they are Annie, Albert, Rose, Bessie, John Thomas, Ada & Lilian.

Albert WOOLGAR, sometimes known as Albert Henry and sometimes as Albert Edward, was born about 1852 somewhere in London.  No trace of his birth or baptism records have been found so far, despite many years of searching for them.

Eventually, he moved north to Giggleswick in Yorkshire and married Hannah LEEDER there on 12 April 1873.  The couple then moved to Settle where they raised their family of 10 children, three of whom died during their childhood.  Albert and Hannah are pictured above with their seven surviving children.  These were:
Anna (or Annie) born 1878 who married a Mr. WOODRUFF;
Rose Ellen born 1879 who married Mr. LAMB;
John Thomas born 24 Jan 1884 who emigrated to the USA and settled in Missouri;
Ada who was born 1887 and married a Mr. RALPH;
Bessie born 19 Sep 1889 who married John Richard JACKSON 29 Oct 1914 at the register Office in Ulverston, Lancs;
Albert born 07 Apr 1894 who also emigrated to the USA and settled in Missouri; and
Victoria (known in the family as “Lilian”) who was born 08 June 1897 and who married a Mr. AIREY in 1925.










Albert WOOLGAR was a Fruiterer and Greengrocer and he is pictured here with his horse and cart.


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