Ringmer, St. Mary, is located quite close to the important town of Lewes.  Parts of this church date from the 13th Century, but its importance to Woolgar Researchers only dates back to the 1620's.

A William WOOLGAR married Mary PAGE at Ringmer church on 14 Feb 1621 (1622 by our modern calendar).  Mary was from the nearby parish of South Malling, but the church had been damaged by fire and so the ceremony took place at Ringmer and was conducted by a Mr. CHANTRELL of Lewes.  Three of their children were baptised at Ringmer, before the family moved back to Henfield, William's parish of origin.  For many years, the Family Tree of the Henfield WOOLGAR's started with this couple until the Ringmer marriage and baptisms were discovered and this led directly to the family tree being pushed back a further four generations.

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