Who is this Lady?

By Ron & Gaylene Woolgar.













Does anyone recognize this lady?  Does anyone have a copy of this photograph in his or her own collection?

During the early 1830’s, John WOOLGAR (Circa 1815 – 1st Dec 1878) immigrated to Upper Canada from England.  Extensive research over many years has failed to conclusively identify his family in England.

We have a photograph of John WOOLGAR’s Mother.  This photo was part of the Ann (nee WOOLGAR) estate.  It is authenticated with her writing on the photograph “My Great Grandmother on my Dad’s side. I believe she lived to 108 years”

The Naming Pattern suggests that John WOOLGAR’s father’s name may have been ‘William’ or ‘John’.  Our search area has been Surrey, not to exclude neighbouring counties, for as noted above – we have nothing conclusive.

We welcome your thoughts and we would especially like to hear from you if you also have a copy of this photo in your collection.  You may well have a host of cousins located in both Canada and the U.S.A.

Contact:  Ron Woolgar in Canada: woolgar2@telus.net
              Nancy Arnott in U.S.A.:  nancya@wowway.com


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